Is our education system outdated?


“We cannot continue teaching with the methods of the 19th century and hope to prepare our children for the 21st century.”

The educational system currently prevalent in former British colonies was created by the British for their worldwide empire during the 19th century.

The primary purpose of that education system was to create a workforce to serve the very large British empire. Each and every member of this workforce was supposed to be identical so that he/she can be transferred and fit into any part of their empire anywhere in the world. There was no respect or recognition of individual differences and multiple intelligence that children have. Only a few of those who could survive the high stress system were selected to serve the empire.

Mostly this education system focusses on memorising the same basic facts / information by each child, mostly learned by rote, and some language skills. A memory testing examination system based on punishment and reward for motivating children, is at the centre of this system. It selects only a few students who fit into this high system and rejects the rest as below standard or failures.Unfortunately this system of education, or variations of it, still exits in most schools in India.

The world has moved on. The purpose of the 21st Century Educational systems, like International Baccalaureate (IB) & Vidyatree, is not to create unnecessary stress on children; make classrooms stress-free, serve each child and thus protect and develop intelligence of each child. The focus needs to be shifted from memorising knowledge to building skills, capacities and understanding of knowledge.

Instead of selecting a few children who can face high stress, we have to enable each child for success in life. Once each child grows strong, fit and intelligent, he can face all life stresses when he grows up.